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DEPRESSION….. 17/07/2009

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Loneliness is …..

The empty feeling that comes from within

Loneliness is ……

The longing to share your thoughts and feelings with someone who’ll listen

Loneliness is ……

Reaching out for open arms to find none there

Loneliness is …..

Standing in a crowded room but feeling alone

Loneliness is ……

Picking up the phone but having no one to call

Loneliness is ……

Knowing there is no one thinking of you

Depression is …..

Feeling alone

Depression is …..

Knowing this will never change

Depression is …..

Knowing your best isn’t good enough

Depression is …..

Knowing nothing you do matters

Depression is …..

Realizing your best days have gone

Depression is …..

Looking forward to the end

Depression is …..

Knowing no one really cares that you are looking forward to the end

L. Pierson


1. mikrice - 18/09/2009

I loved this… Thank you for sharing. I’m currently fighting depression and it’s nice to be able to relate to something.

2. itsnotatrain - 09/11/2009

Ouch, straight to the core. It does seem that way…
Will it always be this way?

3. mrsshaney - 10/11/2009

Depression is wanting to open your mouth to ask for help or to want someone to hear you and understand but when your mouth opens no words come out, they are trapped inside your head unable to make a sound…

4. Jenna Rose - 04/02/2010

i liked this a lot. i appreciate you posting this.

chillinaris - 05/02/2010

Thank you so much you appreciate this writing. I just wanted to share it and hope it useful for us .. 😉

5. Julian Williams - 24/02/2010

I sometmes find the worst thing about depression, apart from depression itself, is how others perceive it; either assuming we choose to be that way or keep asking us to explain it. Truth is, nobody chooses depression. My wish is that it came with a bandage or stick, wheelchair or specially adapted bed so that there would be some kind of physical representation of what mushes around inside us. Then perhaps it would be accepted and people would stop and think before asking the same old invasive, upsetting and exhausting questions. Thanks for posting the insightful words above and providing an opportunity for reply.

chillinaris - 28/02/2010

thanks. because I also have and may sometimes still feel the depression that comes a certain moment. I’m just sharing it, I’m thankful and grateful if it was useful for you all. regard

6. souldiaries - 07/05/2010

hi, thanks. a book i found very useful is called The Noonday Demon by (i cant remember his first name) SOlomon, about depression. I feel I have come a long way since the days when darkess would engulf me. good luck everyone

chillinaris - 07/05/2010

The Noonday Demon

The Noonday Demon: An Atlas of Depression is a 2001 memoir written by Andrew Solomon. It examines the personal, cultural, and scientific aspects of depression through Solomon’s published interviews with depression sufferers, doctors, research scientists, politicians, and pharmaceutical researchers.

The book is an outgrowth of Solomon’s 1998 New Yorker article on depression. It was published in hardcover under the Scribner imprint of New York’s Simon & Schuster publishing house, and later in paperback under the Touchstone imprint.

Solomon’s work received positive critical response, being described by the New York Times as “a book of remarkable scope, depth, breadth, and vitality.” The book went on to be honored in 2001 with the National Book Award and with the Lambda Literary Award for autobiography or memoir. In 2002, it was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize for general non-fiction.(wikipedia) 😉

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