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Never hurt a human’s heart.. 19/08/2009

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Okay this is the last one. *Tearing out the Cream O Sandwich cookies with cream and take a bite*. Every saccharine bite gives a sweet sensation on my taste bud which breeds the feeling of addictiveness. Okay. This time is really the last one! *Take another bite*. I feel another sharp sensation lingers in my mouth.

“But the calories”, pipes out my small guilty voice.

“Who cares!” my gluttony’s voice shoots back. “Don’t worry, this time is really really REALLY the last!” while tyring to grab another one. Huh? Only crumbs? OMG. Did I gobble up all of them? THIS ONE WHOLE PACKET?

Author : MiSs PaTheTiC PoEt

I don’t know what is wrong with me these days. I could not stop from binge eating. I know it is not healthy at all. Oh, if you happen to be one of the freak food- conscious people, just keep the peeving advices for yourself. I just want to express and not to be repressed by the barbwire-like advices no matter how immensely true they are. They will only lead to a foolish squabble which I hate being tangled in.

Actually I want to post about something else but I didn’t realize I have swerved into another aimless ramblings. Again! But this has made me to contemplate. Why human could not accept as what we are and our flaws? We are not impeccable! They scarcely realize that they are not detached from the flaws either!

Like I said million times, oh no, billionth times! They tend to see our image instead of themselves in their own “mirror” and fond of hurling the words of dagger tactlessly while thinking their ostensible wise action is a right thing to do obliviously their words would leave a scar in one’s heart. Do not you know?

“Never hurt a human’s heart”

If I’m not mistaken, I got those words from one of Rumi’s poems, one of my favourite poets. Moreover, I did read the translation of Al-Qur’an regarding to that matter. Never hurt a human’s heart. No matter how true it is. Because you O ingenious people who tend to speak insensibly without any teeny-weeny guilt in your heart, do not you feel guilty at all when you have left the deep incurable scars in one’s heart? Would you be delightful and still callously standing upon your view that truth should be made known?

Okay in some cases. Truth should be unveiled. BUT. Yes, there is BUT. Once again, to show how important it is, BUT, remember the choice of your words. You should be as nice as you can be in giving advices as if trying to persuade a 4 year old child to go to school. Yes, people are rebellious. Bear that in mind. That same goes to you too if you are a human and not an alien from the outer space.

Some people, especially mine, the heart is made from glass. No, I don’t mean the glass kind of glass. I tend to speak metaphorically by the way. I’m a poetic person, what do you expect? Okay, where was I? Oh yeah, the glass. What I mean is the fragility. Not all people possess a superman’s heart which even bullet could not pass through.

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”

Ever heard of that idiom before? Who ever created it must have a great metal-like heart. Cool. In that case, if you met such people then you can have the excess to hurl anything to test their heart’s strength. That person must be stronger than superman!

People tend to neglect the important thing. Allah s.w.t despises if you hurt or degrade others with your own sharp words no matter how true it is. No matter how devout you are to Allah s.w.t but if you hurl acute words at that person, it would be just a total waste.

Furthermore, in some matters, you do not have to splutter your words out, so-called truth if you know it would only leave embarrassment upon one’s face or the bruises and scars in one’s heart.

For example, yup this conversation happens to be long time ago in Matric UIA.

Me: You’re going back to your “kampung” this coming Raya?

The ruthless one: Yes, haven’t I told you before this?

Me: (I could not remember, duh!) Oh really? I can’t recall.

The ruthless one: (Raised her eyebrows) You are always like this. How would you work in the future?(continued to nag..and nag..and nag till my ears exploded)

Okay, seriously. Digressing to the FUTURE? What that has to do with not remembering her unimportant matter. If the matters are not important, I might let the information to dissolve into oblivion. And then, I remember it vividly, others started to condemn me as well which had led my face to wince hurtfully. Yes, everything still freshly brewed in my mind. Forgiving doesn’t mean you could forget.

I am not bold at heart to fight back as I’m not good at it. By the way, I don’t have the guts to do so. No, it does not mean I possess an angelic heart but I just could not shoot back. I still have this guilt regardless how bad they have ripped out my heart with their painful words. I don’t want to hurt people. It is not me. Unless if my patience-o-meter has exceeded its limit. But still, my words would not be as deadly as the Cobra’s poisonous fang.

That is why I always being ended up as the place to be bullied and to be stepped like grass because I could not fight for myself. I just could not. I don’t have the valour to throw back the sharp words at the people who hurt me. What would I do? I only cry and vent to Allah s.w.t. as He is the great listener and wealthy with love.


“Never hurt a human’s heart”

If I’m not a Muslim, I might be a heartless killer like um the people in the movie, “Hostel”? Yeah, by hurting others, you can exude the insanity and lead them to be a psycho. Unless you want that to happen, go ahead. Hurt others. If you are not afraid of losing your heart. Okay, joking. Don’t be deceived by my sarcasm. Be polite as you can be if you want to give any advice if it is necessary and needed. Don’t spit out trivial words. It could only lead to the endless bickering.

The words that you should never say to others (Yes it only hurts people, you would never get credit for so called honesty. Seriously, only glaring looks you would receive.

1)WOW, you are getting fatter! The same size as hippo. Oh no, you are bigger than that!

2)Why don’t you slim down?

3)Don’t eat a lot or else you would be fatter.

4)You are stupid! Why must you be very stupid?

5)You are ugly.

And anything which can humiliate or sadden them. You get the message right? Well use the same principle if you want to preach people to do good things. If you see people who commit things which Allah s.w.t despises, instead of condemning that person, “You will enter hell by doing that! It is a grievous sin!” Why don’t you use polite words to avert them from thinking Islam as a rigorous and strict religion which is utterly NOT. The extremist and people are the one who ALWAYS make it looks inflexible and rigid.

There are ayahs pertaining to it,

‘God desires ease for you, and desires not hardship’ (2:185);

‘Truly with hardship comes ease’ (94: 6);

‘God will assuredly appoint, after difficulty; easiness’ (65:7);

‘Whoso fears God, God will appoint for him, of His command, easiness’ (65:4);

‘We shall speak to him, of our command, easiness’ (18:88);

‘God desires to lighten things for you, for the human being has been created weak’ (94:28).

See. How merciful and wealthy with love Allah S.W.T is. That is why I’ve fallen deeply in love with Him. Syukuralhamdulillah, I never felt lonely with the presence of Allah s.w.t. Only Allah s.w.t ‘s love would never wither. He always be there for you even you are not conscious of his presence. His love is unconditional and boundless.

Have you ever trapped in the situation where people could not understand things or predicament which you are going through or even being there long enough to listen every whine of yours? Oh yes, their desire in listening to every of your problems may turn lukewarm.

And have you ever felt a cold loneliness engulfing you? Why don’t you try to pour out everything to Allah s.w.t. instead of seeking help from alcoholic drinks and whatsoever as the problems would come and haunt you back. However, by venting everything to Allah s.w.t insyallah you will get the perpetual peace.

I really like this quote,

“What appears to be the dark of cloud of trouble is often the shadow of God’s wing”


Allah s.w.t will always be there for you. Just say His name, “Ya Allah, the most merciful one, the oft-forgiving, I need you. Please give me the strength as I’m the weakest without you” Insyallah, with His will, you can savour the endless peace. That’s all from me. Assalamualaikum and take care.

From: Blooming Fantasy
Author: MiSs PaTheTiC PoEt


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