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Eluveitie 07/09/2009

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Promotional Pics 2006


“Eluveitie – New Wave Of Folk Metal”…

Eluveitie clearly belongs to the fastly growing folk/pagan metal scene, anyhow brings some “fresh wind” into it: Eluveities sound is authentic, traditional Celtic folkmusic combined in a unique way with modern styled melodic death metal, influenced by the classic Gothenburg sound.
Originally formed by mastermind Chrigel Glanzmann in Winter 2002/2003 as a mere studio project, the first MCD “Vên” was recorded in spring 2003 – already unique in it’s way of having folkmusic on an equal footing with the metal sound.
The self-financed MCD was ardently received by scene and press and sold out within a few months. In 2004 Eluveitie signed to the Dutch label Fear Dark Records, which released a re-mastered (and partly re-recorded) version of “Vên”, and continued as a “real” band, playing gigs together with bands such as Finntroll, Amon Amarth, Korpiklaani, Ensiferum and many others while touring Europe and playing many festivals & openairs.

Although some line-up changes still had to happen, Eluveitie grew into being a band and developed their very own style. In late 2005 Eluveitie was finally ready to enter the studio again and record their first full-lenght album “Spirit”, which was again released through Fear Dark Records. Furthermore a videoclip for the Song “Of Fire, Wind & Wisdom” was produced in Summer 2006, directed by Martin Schäppi, Merlin Sutter & Chrigel Glanzmann / Eluveitie.

With “Spirit” Eluveitie went a big step forward, presenting a completely new style of Folk Metal to the scene – starting a new wave of Folk Metal!
While the album was turning out to be a huge success, the band toured their asses off again. Yet whilst touring and playing many festivals like the Graspop Metal Meeting (Belgium) or Summerbreeze Open Air (Germany), Eluveitie already began to work on new material for the succesive album.

Finally in Fall 2007 the new album “Slania” was recorded in different studios in Sweden, Switzerland & Liechtenstein, produced, mixed & mastered by Jens Bogren (Amon Amarth, Opeth & more) at the Fascination Street Studios in Orebrö/SE (www.fascinationstreet.se). Having recorded nothing less than the perfection of their very own style, Eluveitie now was in the lucky Situation to receive many offers from almost every known label in metal music & ended up signing with the well-known 2061_02_20_2008_1_46_26_slaniaGerman record company Nuclear Blast Records, where a new home was found under perfect conditions…. After some talks & the production of a new videoclip (again produced & directed by Merlin Sutter & Martin Schäppi) a release date was set for february 2008.

“Slania” turned out to become a breakthrough and the band was getting busy taking over the world in 2008 – with appearances at most of the bigger european summer festivals as well as two USA/Canada tours and three European tours within only 12 (!) months.

But never being lazy, Eluveitie worked out new material while touring and was ready to enter the studio again in December 2008! Their follow-up album to “Slania” should become something special – for it is the bands first purely acoustic album (and part I of a two-pieced acoustic concept). “Evocation I – the arcane dominion” was released in April 2009 and turned out to become a real gem of folkmusic and again became a huge success (rank 20 in the swiss album charts).

….the new wave of folk metal goes on…



Merlin, Anna, Ivo, Chrigel, Kay, Meri, Sime, Pade

Merlin SutterMerlin Sutter (drums)

Date Of Birth: 21.09.1986
Equipment: Tama Drums, Zildjian Cymbals, Vic Firth Drumsticks
Other Bands: Morrigu
Some Bands:
– Bon Jovi
– Guns n’Roses
– Queen
– Mötley Crüe
– Lynyrd Skynyrd
– The Answer
– Blake
…Stuff like that and more.
Some Authors:
– Michel Houellebecq
– Nick Hornby
– Carlos Ruiz Zafon
– Slash
– Mötley Crüe
Some Movies:
– Requiem For A Dream
– The Fountain
– Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind
– Into The Wild
– Atonement
…Stuff like that and more.

AnnaAnna Murphy (hurdygurdy, vocals)

Born: 10.08.1989
Equipment: custom-made “Hurdy-gurdy” Novello Classico by Helmut Gotschy
Favourite Authors:
– Ian McEwan, Robert Schneider, George Orwell, James Joyce, Gustave Flaubert
Favourite Movies:
– Mulholland Drive, Ingmar Bergmann films (especially The Seventh Seal)

Ivo Henzi (guitar)ivo

Born: 1983
Equipment: Madison Divinity Head, Schecter S-1 Blackjack
Other Bands: Forest Of Fog
– Forest Of Fog: Rabenflug Demo
– Forest Of Fog: Untergang
– Forest Of Fog: Nebelhymnen
– Forest Of Fog: Abgründe
– Eluveitie: Spirit (2006)
– Eluveitie: Slania (2008)
– Eluveitie: Evocation I – the arcane dominion (2009)
Top Five Records:
– Dissection: The Somberlain
– At The Gates: Slaughter Of The Soul
– Emperor: Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk
– Dark Tranquillity: The Gallery
Favorite Book: The Dark Tower 1-7 by Stephen King

ChrigelChrigel Glanzmann (main vocals, mandola, acoustic guitar, tin & low whistles, uilleann, pipes, gaita)

Born: 1975
Equipment: Throat/Shure SM58, Mandola (Washburn, Decombe), Tin & Low Whistles (Clarkes), Uilleann Pipes, Gaita, Redpipes (drones by Bert Grieble), Accoustic Guitar, Bodhràn
Other Bands:
– Branâ Keternâ
– Môr Cylch (former member)
– Dornwald (former member)
– Eluveitie: Evocation I – the arcane dominion
– Eluveitie: Slania
– Eluveitie: Spirit
– Eluveitie: Vên
– Branâ Keternâ: Jod
– A Tribute To Falkenbach
– Môr Cylch: Craic
– Folkearth I (as guest musician)
– Musik im Dornwald (as guest musician)
– Roy: Anthems (as guest musician)
– Excelsis: The standing stone (as guest musician)
Favourite Records:
– Belenos: all
– Dark Tranquility: all
– Les frères Rhaddouf: all
– Lunasa: all
– The Bothy Band: all
– At The Gates: Slaughter of the Soul
– In Flames: all
– Entombed: Clandestine
– The Merlons: Sinnlicht
– Forest Of Fog: all
– Windir: all
– Anathema: Serenades & Crestfallen
– Yann Tiersen: Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain
– Emperor: Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk
– Thyrfing: Vahnsinnesvisor
– Madder Mortem: Deadlands
– 30 Seconds To Mars: A beautiful lie
– Emilie Autumn: Liar
– Mekong Delta Principle of doubt & The music of Erich Zann
Favourite Books:
– Claude Cueni: Caesars Druid
– Stephen Lawhead: The song of albion
– Eilthireach: A’ Chuibhle Mhór
– Martha Sills-Fuchs: Die Wiederkehr der Kelten
– diverse books on celtic historical researches, indogermanistics, ect.
Favourite Movies:
– Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain
– Les Miserables
– Braveheart
– all of Lukas Moodysson
Favourite Food:
Dark wholegrain bread, cheese (Swiss cheese – especialy Gruyère, Appenzeller and Formaziegi; Feta & sheep/goat cheese in general & 1000 sorts of Brie), salads, mushrooms (morels, boletus and if I can get some: truffles), fresh herbs (swiss herbs, sapsago-clover, thyme, chive, sage, majoram, tarragon, and many more) and everything else from our garden
Favourite Drinks:
beer/stout, natural (alpine) mineral water, red wine, milk and of course our secret “national drink” Absinthe


– redpipes

kayKay (bass guitar)

born: 8th of January 1982
equipment: Marleaux Bass, Cort Accoustic Bass, Marleaux & Rotosound Strings, Dunlop Pleks, Ashdown amplifier
favorite music albums:
– Entombed: left hand path
– Johnny Cash: all
– Atheist: all
– Necrophagist: oncet of putrefaction
– Ulver: bergtatt
favorite writers:
– Baudelaire
– Schiller
– Hesse
favorite books:
– Les fleurs du mal
– Schlafes Bruder
favorite movies:
– The pick of destiny
– braveheart
favorite food:
– Pizza
– vegetarische Küche
favorite drinks:
– Cola, Wodka, Kaffee, Milch
– Musik
– Klettern
– Snowboarden
– Tättowieren
– Marleaux Bass Guitars
– Cort Acoustic Guitars
– Rotosound Strings
– Ashdown Amplifiers

MeriMeri Tadic (fiddle, vocals)

Born: 1982
Equipment: Violin (a born and bred Harry Caraballo / Winterthur 2000), Throat
Other Bands:
– Irij
– Divina Commedia (Live Session Musician)
– Brana Keterna (former Member)
– Eluveitie: Ven (2003)
– Branâ Keterna: Jod
– A Tribute to Falkenbach (2006)
– Eluveitie: Spirit (2006)
– Eluveitie: Slania (2008)
– Eluveitie: Evocation I – the arcane dominion (2009)
Top Ten Records:
– The Haunted: I Love Them All
– At The Gates: Slaughter of the Soul
– Borknagar: The Archaic Course
– Emperor: IX Equilibrium
– Carcass: Heartwork/Swansong
– Natan: Nevel
– Let3: Jedina
– Laufer: Best of
– Roberto Johnson: Delta Blues
– Manegarm: Dodsfard
Favorite Books:
– Schlafes Bruder
– Die Verwandlung
– Unerträgliche Leichtigkeit des Seins
– Die Nase
Favourite Movie: Schwarze Katze – Weisser Kater
Favourite Food: all croatian food and everyting out of my mother’s kitchen
Favourite Drink: Holunderblütensirup, Belgium Beer, Fruitjuice, Water
Hobbies: Breathing, being, doing things and having fun with my boyfriend

Simeon KochSimeon Koch (guitar, vocals)

Born: 1982
– Ibanez ICT700 Iceman
– Gibson Les Paul Baritone
– Brunetti XL Head
– Cort Acoustic Guitars
– Tacoma Acoustic Guitar
– Petersen Tuner
– Samson Wireless System
– Boss Noise Supressor
Other Bands:
– diverse other projects
Top Records:
– Antestor: The Return of the Black Death – Woven Hand: all
– 16 Horsepower: all
– Bloodgood: all
– ARK: Burn the Sun
– Jorn Lande: all
– Yngwie J. Malmsteen: miscellaneous
– Jeff Scott Soto: all
– Hughes / Turner: all
– Thin Lizzy: miscellaneous
– Gary Moore: all
– David Lee Roth: all
Favorite Writers:
– Claude Cueni
– Stephen Lawhead
– Frank E. Peretti
Favorite Movies:
– Gladiator
– Braveheart
– The Mechanik
– Die Hard 4.0
– Kelly’s Heroes
– The Sound of War
Favorite Food:
– Everything made by my wife 😉
– Ice cream 😉
Favorite Drinks:
– Beer
– Vodka
– Tea
– Hot Chocolate
– Water
– Songwriting & Recording
– Guitar
– Div. other instruments
– reading
– Ibanez Guitars
– Cort Acoustic Guitars
– Rotosound Strings

paedePade (pipes)

born: 1975

Tin & Low Whistles (Burke, Mac Nic), Bagpipes (scottish tuned Bb, medieval pipe tuned Am by Jens Güntzel, gaita galicia tune in C, kaba gaida tuned D), redpipe by http://www.redpipes.eu

other bands:
– Branâ Keternâ

– Eluveitie: Evocation I – the arcane dominion
– Branâ Keternâ: Jod

favorite music albums:
– Asian Dub Foundation: all
– L’ham de foc: Cor de porc
– System of a down: all
– Rage against the machine: all

– Schildknecht/Dahinden/Schiltknecht: BANN
– Primordial: all

favorite books:
– Tim Krohn: Die Quatemberkinder / Vrenelisgärtli
– Umberto Eco: Das Foucault’sche Pendel
– Bernard Cornwell: The winter king
– Carlos Ruiz Zafon: Schatten des Windes
– Sagen und Legenden des Glarnerlandes

favorite newspaper:
– Le monde diplomatique


– Climbing, Iceclimbing
– Skimountaineering
– Fire

proud of:
– my older son Ra Myrddin
– my younger son Medru Taranis
– my family:)
– redpipes

Taken from the upcoming album, Slania PURCHASE ALBUM AT: Nuclear Blast USA


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