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Coco Lee 06/07/2009

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Coco Lee‘s Profile :

Anti TobaccoBirthname: Ferren Lee-Kelly
Stage Name: Coco Lee
Birthdate: January 17, 1975
Birthplace: Hong Kong
47 kg (104 lbs)
5’3 (162 cm)
34C, 22.5″, 33″
Blood Type:
Astrological Sign:
Chinese Zodiac Sign:
Mother, Step-Dad, Two sisters (Nancy & Carol)
American citizen of Chinese descent;also has citizenship in HK
University of California, Irvine (biology)
Highschool Raoul Wallenburg Alternative High School (San Francisco)

Languages: English, Cantonese, French and Mandarin
Hobbies: Studying Skeletons (biology), drawing, singing, poetry, dancing, choreographing, listening to music (R&B & Soul)
Personalities: Naive, Natural, Energetic, Modest, Obedient, Hardworking, Respectful


Biography :

40f2b211eae78b67cb80c46aCoCo Lee, née Ferren Lee, was born in Hong Kong on the 17th of January 1975. Although she was born in Hong Kong, CoCo was raised in San Francisco where she grew up with her mother, stepfather and two older sisters (her father passed away when she was young). She shared her singing talent with her two older sisters and her mother, who was a doctor. Although the mother of the Lee sisters wanted her daughters to pursue more practical careers, the youngest CoCo knew at a young age that she would become a singer.

During her free time, CoCo would practice her singing abilities by singing material from her favorite pop artists, such as Madonna, Whitney Houston, George Michael and Debbie Gibson.

coco_leeDespite their mother’s former disapproval, the elder Lee sisters put their musical talent to the test by entering local singing competitions, which proved to be successful. Being the youngest sibling, Lee followed in her sisters’ footsteps and entered singing competitions as well, since she looked up to them. Her winning performances at the local singing contests are what eventually paved the way to her musical career.

Her success at singing competitions was not the only thing that fueled her desire to pursue a singing career: She performed for her class in junior high and received a standing ovation, and sang at a local karaoke place at Fisherman’s Wharf. Her karaoke singing was what really proved to Lee how well she can sing, after her friend started playing the tape of Lee’s karaoke performances in the restaurant she worked at and people wanted to buy the tape.

young eraAfter CoCo graduated from high school, she went on a vacation to Hong Kong and enterred an annual singing contest, which is where most of the country’s stars got their breaks in the industry. CoCo entered the contest just for fun but ended up winning second place with her version of “Run To You” by Whitney Houston.

The next day, a local record company approached CoCo, asking her to sign with their label. Not only was she the only performer to sing in English at the competition, but the record company noticed that her voice stood out compared to the rest of the Asian contestants.

In 1995, CoCo released her album entitled Brave Enough To Love English as well as Woman In Love, an album in Mandarin. She was also named one of Taiwan’s best artists. One year later, CoCo signed a contract with Sony Music Taiwan. Her CoCo Lee (Former Day’s Love) Mandarin album was also released in 1996, as was her English album CoCo’s Party. The Channel (V) Chinese Top 20 and the Golden Dragon Chart Awards in Taiwan both awarded CoCo’s hit single “Former Love”.

In 1997, CoCo released her third Mandarin album entitled Each Time I Think Of You as well as a Cantonese album called Be Careful Next Time. She was again awarded Best Female Artist by the Best 10 Artists Awards.

d5061d95bc71b82a7bf4804a1998 was an even bigger year for her. Her Mandarin albums DiDaDi and SunnyDay: Feeling Good were released. It was also the year CoCo’s DiDaDi won the MTV Asia Music Award for Best Album and Best Music Video.

In August of the same year, she performed in Taiwan to a concert audience of more than 30,000 fans, the second largest concert audience in Taiwan (a feat that only Michael Jackson has claimed in the past). CoCo was the voice behind Mulan, the title role of the Mandarin version of Disney animated feature, co-starring Jackie Chan. She also sang the Mandarin theme song of the film.

After having enjoyed huge success in Asia, CoCo’s newest album release is the English album Just No Other Way, under the record label 550 Music. Released this year, the album has already spawned hits such as “Do You Want My Love” and “Can’t Get Over You” and features R&B sensation Kelly Price. With the combination of CoCo’s unique voice and R&B tinged music, it’s clear that her Asian and American fans will not be getting over the former Miss Chinese America any time soon.

Do you want my love

Favourites :

Dance Moves: Hip-Hop grooves
Artists: Mariah Carey, Madonna, George Michael, David Huang, Whitney Houston
Saying: Life Is To Be Relax And Be Happy!!!
Foods: Âû³J¥J, Chocolate, Watermelon, Mangoes, McDonald Fries, Japanese Food, and Strawberries
Drink: Water
4b1f3a2901e15adAnimal: Dogs
Book: Wuthering Heights
Movies: RainMan, In The Name Of The Father
Actors: Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan, Russle Crowe
Colors: White and Colors that stand out
Instruments: Piano, Percussion
Songs by Herself: Perfect In Everyway, °T®§
Sports: Volleyball, Football, Basketball
Place in the World: Taiwan, Hawaii, Disneyland
Compliment: on how cute she Is

Walt Disney

Disneyland Fave Place in the World

Vit C

Beauty Secrets: Eat lots of vitamin C and get lots of exercise!

Lucky Number: Number 3
Bad Habits: Loves To Sleep, indecisive
People CoCo is scared of: Her Two Sisters
What CoCo likes best about herself: Her Smile =) /d^_^b\
CoCo thinks her best facial features are her: Lips
Preferred Occupation: Doctor (just like her mom)
Role Models: Her mother and Mariah Carey
Most Memorable Moment: When her mom didn’t sleep for one whole night just to fix up CoCo’s dress for beauty pageant
Most Interesting Experience: Being Student Council President for 4 years in a row
Things CoCo Likes To Do: Taking care of dogs or little kids, helping out elderly
When CoCo Gets Bored She: Likes to look at herself in the mirror
When CoCo Gets Upset She: Listens to music, especially listening to her makeup artist sing
Dreams & Goals: Gain recognition as an international artist, work in the medical field and find cure to cancer
Most Hated Places: Public Washrooms
Beauty Secrets: Eat lots of vitamin C and get lots of exercise!

CoCo entered the “New Talent Singing Contest” on the advice of her mother back in 1993, when going back to HK for a vacation and she won second prize! She had entered singing contests originally because she had wrecked her mother’s car and used her prize money to pay off the damages….

CoCo never intended to be a singer, but she was offered a recording contract by Capital Artists after her runner-up placing in the New Talent Singing Contest and took the opportunity

CoCo was majoring in Biochemistry and Bioscience at University of California Irvine as a pre-med prior to entering the music business and managed to maintain a GPA or 3.8 (nerd alert!!! :P)

with 2 sisters

Coco Lee with Two sisters (Nancy & Carol)

CoCo is not the only singer in her family, apparently her mother and 2 sisters can sing as well!

CoCo’s father passed away when she was quite young unfortunately. But however, CoCo has a step-father right now!

CoCo owns a white Maltese name Milky

CoCo was the volleyball team captain for most of her years in high-school

CoCo’s mother owns a medical clinic in San Francisco but has put aside that occupation to focus on being her daughter’s assistant


Contrary to popular belief, CoCo is NOT an “American Born Chinese”, she came to the U.S. when she was 9 from HK

While CoCo was studying at the University of California at Irvine she had to read at least 100 pages of readings everyday..hehehe…she tried her best to disguise herself from students, but was recognized easily as 1/3 of the population at U of C at Irvine is Chinese- as a result, CoCo was constantly hassled for autographs and on Valentine’s Day (1997) she found a bouquet of roses on the windshield of her car…that freaked her out as she didn’t know what to expect from the giver…hehehe…

Coco Sensation

CoCo prefers to do her own make-up, because she feels that she knows her face best….

when first starting out, CoCo sang back-up on Andy Hui’s (許志安) song called “Let Me Treat You Better” (Åý我對待你好一點) and also did a duet on Edmond Leung’s (梁漢文) “First Place” (第一位) Greatest Hits Compilation CD

 Coco Lee and Husband

CoCo believes in “love at first sight”!

CoCo’s mother made CoCo take Tahitian dancing lessons to incorporate “butt-shaking” into her dancing routines!


People who have *partied* with CoCo in Taiwan tell me that CoCo prefers to be called “Ferren”, not receiving so much “star attention”

CoCo drives a silver Mercedes Benz sedan apparently and keeps a volleyball in her car:)

CoCo does not have a license in Taiwan

CoCo was once considered for the role of “Snow” in Jacky Cheung’s “Snow Wolf Lake” musical…(the part subsequently went to diva extraordinaire Sandy Lam)…CoCo however was too busy at that time so she turned down the offer

Rumours have it that CoCo’s mom put out an estimated 6 digit figure USD to end CoCo’s contract with “Fancy Pie” and to go with Sony, but it has also been rumoured that Sony hired top lawyers to ensure CoCo’s move to Sony was seemless

CoCo’s mom and step-father have rented a condominium in L.A. to live with CoCo while she is studying….CoCo also has a home in HK as well

Word from staff in HK is that CoCo is quite “fussy” about how she wants things done and has “stepped on quite a few people’s toes” back in HK as CoCo is known to be quite the perfectionist. Other sources claim that CoCo is actually quite sweet and is just being professional behind-the-scenes

CoCo surfs the internet every chance she gets…




At the 73rd Annual Academy Awards (Oscar 2001)

1991 represented her high-school for Miss Teen Chinatown Pageant winning first place
1991 won first place for a local karaoke contest in San Franciso, California
1993 entered “New Talent Singing Contest” hosted by Hong Kong TV Station “TVB” and won second place out of the 10,000 contestants involved
1993/06 released “火熱動感 LaLaLa” compilation album with artists under “Capital Artist” label
1994/06 released debut Mandarin album “愛就要趁現在?/font> under Fancy Pie label
1994/09 released “火熱動感﹐戀愛Party” compilation album
1994/11 released duets compilation “愛情宣言﹐情歌對唱”
1994/12 released Christmas compilation “聖誕譖禮”
1994/12 released sophomore Mandarin album “答應我”
1994 received “1994 Top 10 Most Popular Idol” and “Best New Artist” awards
1995/06 released debut English album “Brave Enough to Love” as well as being the first artist in Taiwan to have sold 13,000 copies of an English language album in one month
1995/09 released 3rd Mandarin album “被愛的女人”.
1995/10 had her very first concert in Taipei
1995 became spokesmodel for “Elizabeth Arden” and “Wella” and did various commercials for both
1995 sign with Sony Music
1995/12 released her first concert album
1996 appeared in Chi Lam Cheung’s video “忽然覺得好想你” first time as an Sony Music artist
1996/03 released her first Mandarin album under Sony Music label “CoCo 李玟” and the album became the best selling album of 1996
1996/11 released English album “CoCo’s Party” followed by “CoCo’s Camp Workout Video”
1996 did commercials for “Yogo” drinks, “Nivea” and Barbie dolls
1997/06 released Mandarin album “每一次想你”
bamboo-shoot1997/11 released first Cantonese album “CoCo 李玟”
1998/01 released “CoCo in Italy” VCD/VHS/Picture Book
1998/01 released Mandarin album “DiDaDi 暗示, 1 million copies were sold in a span of 3 months
1998/04 “Hot CoCo” fan club established
1998/04 released “Di Da Di” remix single
1998/06 guest appearance in the opening of the World Cup
1998/07 released Mandarin album “Sunny Day 好心情”
1998/08 萬人迷” concert was held in Taipei, the success of the concert drew attention to Sony Music US and Tommy Mottola
1998/08 released “碰碰看愛情?/font> CD Single.
e5df8db161030d4c0923024d1998/12 released ?/font>萬人迷” concert CD
1998/12 official signed with Sony Epic US
1999/04 presented an award to Jennifer Paige at “World Music Awards 1999”
1999/05 released Mandarin album “今天到永遠”.
1999/06 guest appearance at “Micheal Jackson and Friends” charity concert in Korea
1999/06 “Runaway Bride” OST released, CoCo’s track “Before I Fall in Love” appears on the soundtrack
1999/11 released debut American album “Just No Other Way” (Asian Release) CoCo was the executive producer for the album
2000/01 released “The Best Of My Love” greatest Mandarin hits compilation CD
2000/02 “Just No Other Way” American debut officially released worldwide
2000/05 CoCo was listed on Maxim Magazine as one of “World’s Top 100 Sexiest Woman” placing 47th
2000/06 “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” OST (Asian Version) released, theme song by CoCo “A Love Before Time” appears on the soundtrack in both English and Mandarin
2000/06 CoCo received “Best New Artist” and “Best Love Song of the Year” from “Singapore Radio Music Awards”
2000/08 released “真情人 , You & Me” Mandarin Album
2000/09 had concert tours throughout China
2000/09 became spokesman/spokesmodel for “Cartier”
2000/09 received “Asian-Amercian of 2000” & “Best Peformer of 2000” from Yale and Harvard Universities
2000/10 appeared as guest of honor at Ricky Martin’s Asia leg of his World tour singing a duet version of “Private Emotion”
2001/01 CoCo wins “Best Mandarin Female Artist” and “Top 10 Artist of the Year” awards in Hong Kong
2001/03 CoCo performed “A Love Before Time” at the 73rd Annual Academy Awards (Oscar 2001)
2001/04 performed “Nobody Wants To Be Lonely” duet with Ricky Martin @ “Live and Loaded MTVAsia Mini concert”
2001/07 won “Most Outstanding Female Artist of Asia” award from MTV Chinese Awards 2001



1. aline - 08/07/2009

she is beautiful!!

2. celine - 09/09/2009

Coco rocks!!!

3. typoo - 27/02/2010

Ola, what’s up amigos? 🙂
In first steps it is very nice if somebody supports you, so hope to meet friendly and helpful people here. Let me know if I can help you.
Thanks and good luck everyone! 😉

4. dienfalo - 04/05/2010

she is good……..wonder women……

5. oscar joel - 14/05/2010

am single man looking for some one to marri

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